A Dog Steals Home

Zach Stewart’s life has never been more complicated. Between preparing for the arrival of his baby brother (“the little lizard”) and keeping up with the baseball team, Zach can hardly catch his breath. All he really wants is to adopt a puppy, but his parents insist that the timing isn’t right. In order to prove that he’s responsible, Zach decides to do his final research project on the animal shelter. Zach is sure that he’ll not only get the dog he wants but also prove to his team that he’s the best choice for pitcher.

Everything is going perfectly—until Audrey, a girl in his class with a tragic past, disappears without a trace. Zach knows he is the only one who can find Audrey and convince her to come home. He might have to put his new puppy and his baseball career on the line—but he might hit a home run anyway.

Written for children ages eight through twelve, A Dog Steals Home is complete 128 pages.

What others are saying about the book…

“Pitched right to the heart, A Dog Steals Home is a winner that touches all bases. Read it and cheer!”
— M.H. Herlong, author of award-winning Buddy and The Great Wide Sea.

“Zach is a charming boy who will win hearts. A base hit.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“A Dog Steals Home beautifully weaves together the reality of older animals at shelters with that of a young person’s struggle with family changes; and in bringing the two together they both overcome the challenges they face. As the mom of a 6th grader (and a newborn) and an animal welfare professional, this story which celebrates the spirit of volunteerism and the joys and pains of childhood deeply resounded with me.”
—Ana Zorrilla, CAWA, CEO Louisiana SPCA