Wyatt and Walter in The Case of the Left Hand Trombone

When instruments belonging to famous New Orleans musicians begin to vanish only weeks before French Quarter Festival, Detective Louise Bouchet of the NOPD turns to the undercover agents who have helped her before—her nephew, Wyatt, and his pot-bellied pig, Walter. With Wyatt’s keen powers of observation and Walter’s snout for crime, the exceptional pair has never failed to crack a case. And Walter works for peanuts. Literally.

Eleven-year-old Wyatt Charbonnet, who lives in the garçonniere behind his family’s Creole cottage, leads young readers through the French Quarter as he gathers clues to solve The Case of the Left-hand Trombone. His investigation takes him to The U.S. Mint, The 1850 House, The St. Louis Cathedral, Preservation Hall and other locations in the Vieux Carré. The adventure climaxes at Café du Monde when Walter, Wyatt, and some of their friends capture the crook in a porcine sting.

Written for children ages six through ten, The Case of the Left-hand Trombone is complete at 12,000 words. “Hoofnotes” at the end of each chapter provide background information to New Orleans’ historical landmarks. The book includes a map of the French Quarter with a key to the locations mentioned in the book, and instructions from Wyatt on how to care for a pet pig.